Did you like a product that is out of stock or that we don't have?

Don't worry, we'll do it for you!

To place an order, write to us at wayuumx@outlook.com with all your information, or through Whatsapp

Attach the photo of the product you are interested in and send us its specifications; If you want it the same, change some color, size, different handle, etc... the more information you give us, the easier the preparation will be.

It should be remembered that our job is to make everything handmade, so small variations may occur between one product and another.


Each order can take twenty to thirty days (20-30) to be processed. To reserve your space and prepare the product(s), you must receive an advance payment of $400 pesos , no exceptions. The rest will be paid once everything is ready for shipment.

  • Any case of delay in production or shipment of the order will be notified in time.


We offer two payment options:

Bank deposit or transfer

Bank: Citi Banamex
Account: 93074507195
Code: 002180901719478898

Payment at any Oxxo store
Bank: Citi Banamex
Card: 5256 7860 4609 7790