The Wayuu are known as the people of the sun, sand and wind. They are located on the arid Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia and northwestern Venezuela. The language is part of the Arawak family and is called wayuunaiki. Today, it is believed that there are around 110,000 - 140,000 Wayuu people living in Colombia.

The women of the Wayuu tribe have been weaving these bags for generations. Each bag is different and unique, with intricate tribal designs and colors. Lots of designs; They represent the natural elements that surround the Wayuu, and their culture revolves around: animals, the sun, plants, the stars. It takes these women 10-15 days to complete each bag; they are a labor of love. We personally work with the women who make each bag and have therefore cut out the middlemen, making sure they are paid fairly, run in good condition and are cared for. The popularity of these bags is a great thing for these women who sustain the economy of their towns by making these pieces and selling them. One of our main goals is to make our customers relate to the history of each bag and the amazing traditions of the Wayuu tribes that make them by hand.